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Eleven Eleven is your sanctuary for home decor & lifestyle goods, helping you to create a beautiful life. Beautiful living -  home, body and spirit is our passion.
Based in Cleveland, OH


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Eleven Eleven is your destination shoppe specializing in home decor and lifestyle goods that help you create your most beautiful life.

Hi! I'm Erica. Founder and lead designer of Eleven Eleven. Like everyone, I've journeyed through life while trying to form a foundation for my inner sanctuary; my home. After years of soul-searching and through a series of trials and revelations, I've been able to gain a true understanding of what it means to create the perfect home for myself.


I’ve learned that creating the perfect home isn’t about perfection at all, it’s actually quite the opposite. All these years I’ve been chasing perfection when I should have been chasing beauty in all of its raw and imperfect forms. It’s when I realized this that I began to want to create a beautiful life - a place that will fill me with happiness, peace and gratitude, both inward and outward.   


It’s out of this understanding and my immense passion for design and homelife, that I began Eleven Eleven with the tagline beautiful living; it’s my own imperfect trifecta of beauty, passion and purpose. Since beginning it, I’ve spent so much time dreaming, sketching and brainstorming of how to create a unique retail marketplace with a strong brand identity and a real sense of community and gathering.


So, Eleven Eleven serves as a catalyst to inspire and bring both intrinsic and extrinsic beauty into your life.

The true goal being to help you discover your own inner-sanctuary and a sense of belonging; to find the home within yourself and discover the decor and lifestyle goods that reflect your personality and values and that help create a story of where you've been and where you're going.


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