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beautiful living

We design, create and sell beautiful products for all of your sanctuaries - home, body, mind and spirit. Surrounding yourself with beauty manifests and attracts more beauty into your life. Beautiful Living is our mission.

our mission:

our definition:

Beautiful Living means surrounding your mind, body and spirit with beauty and gratitude. 


After several years of soul-searching, dreaming, sketching and brainstorming, I created Eleven Eleven to serve as a catalyst to inspire and bring intrinsic and extrinsic beauty into your life. Eleven Eleven’s evolution grew from the simple concept of home – the tangible home you retreat to day in and day out, and, your inner-home, or as I like to refer to it as - your inner-sanctuary.

I’m just like you and everyone else journeying through life. Throughout my quest, I’ve struggled in knowing how to form a foundation for my own home and inner-sanctuary. After many trials and revelations, I’ve gained more of an understanding of how to truly live beautiful. It’s taken tremendous tenacity and resolve to get to a point of gratitude and peace and I still have a long way to go, as all of us do. I’m not sure that we ever stop searching for that perfect place we call home, both internally and externally. As humans, we strive each day to mold it, perfect it and spread it to others. It’s something that we all deserve and have a right to.


Filling both homes begins with a spark. My spark emerged with an immense passion for crafts, weddings and design. Now, in my thirty-somethings, I’ve formed Eleven Eleven and it has become my own perfect trifecta of beauty, passion and purpose. At the end of each day, my only goal is to be that spark for you – to bring beauty into your life and heart.  Finding the home within yourself and discovering décor that reflects your personality and values is something to be admired and revered.


Eleven Eleven is its own force that makes a difference. It drives you to find your own inner sanctuary and a sense of belonging. It gives you an artistic vessel to make a house a loving and peaceful home for yourself and loved ones. Eleven Eleven proudly brings beauty and inspiring energy into your life, so that you can extend it onto others’. Your surroundings and inner-home share where you’ve come from, where you are and where you’re going. Feel inspired and excited to begin a new life of beautiful living!


Share our story and tell yours.



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Does anyone else find it extremely hard to write a bio about themselves? As one who enjoys writing, a bio always stops me in my tracks.



My name is Erica, I live in Cleveland, Ohio and am the founder, owner and lead designer of Eleven Eleven. I have an educational background in marketing and anthropology and have been working in special event design, planning and management for over 7 years. Wow, time really flies!


If I had to sum up this phase in my life I would have to say: transition, enlightenment and execution. Navigating through the ups and downs in life has led me to strive for balance and peace. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and that each situation has brought me to this very point in my life. All in all, I couldn't be more grateful for everything and everyone I have. I am so blessed. And, when you lead such a blessed life, I believe that you have to show it by acting on every asset you've been given. Eleven Eleven's tag line, beautiful living, embodies how I want to live and will be my north star moving forward. 


I have two amazing furbabies, Merlin and Bear. I'm an animal and nature lover. I have a passionate love affair with crafts, decor and vintage pieces (not to mention, with the handsome guy in this photo). I have great admiration for people with an immense fire and passion. 


I'll try to some up my extensive hobby list by only saying that I'm in love with anything encapsulated within design - including event, graphic and interior name it and it's most likely my jam :)  I create with my mind and hands. As I'm sure you've gathered, I love to learn about anything and am a sucker for a magical book, candles and a cozy blanket. Writing is another passion of mine. Check out the blog


Thanks for reading!!!


Spark Beauty xx,